• Being a healthy plan, develop properly
  • Has professional management and human resources


  • Encouraging regional economic growth and participate in developing small and medium enterprise
  • Gaining optimal profit

Bank Jatim is supported by five pillars Work Culture to achieve the vision and mission and always keep the five pillars of work at every level of employee. Work Culture of the five pillars are:

  1. The Bank Jatim is a Local Government Owned Commercial Banks,
  2. Bank Jatim market-oriented and sustainable mutually beneficial relationships with customers and other business partners.
  3. Banks Java implements good corporate governance with emphasis on the principle of caution in order to maintain public confidence and owners.
  4. The Bank Jatim acknowledge and appreciate the role of each employee interests.
  5. Bank Jatim seek the creation of a spirit of employee duties and responsibilities in a professional manner.

Core competency Bank Jatim set (Core Competency) a must-have for all employees. The core competencies are the competencies required or needed in every function of the organization, not limited to the level and position of a particular position. 

  • INTEGRITY: Maintaining social norms, ethics, and organization; uphold the code of conduct and ethical principles
  • CUSTOMER FOCUS: Makes customers and their needs a primary focus of one's actions; develop and sustain productive customer relationships.
  • IMPACT: Creating a good impression of the main, exudes respect and attract attention, show confidence

Performance Management is part of the business process that is used to guide the Bank Jatim employees to become effective individuals, through determination of the performance targets required to achieve employment success in the process of achieving the vision and mission of the Bank Jatim.

Performance management system is one of the strategic management tool, which can help workers to work better in order to achieve the organization's vision. 

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