Bank Jatim Sharia (BJS) established by Bank Indonesia Letter No. 9/75 / DS / Sb 4th April 2007 regarding: Approval of Establishment of Sharia Principles (UUS), Opening Branch Office Sharia and Sharia Supervisory Board Member and Bank Indonesia Letter No. 9/148 / DPIP / Prz / Sb dated July 24, 2007 regarding: Opening of Branch Office License.

Operational BJS inaugurated on Tuesday, August 21, 2007 to coincide with the 8th Shaban 1428 H. In the course of seven years of operation has been attended with many BJS doing development and innovation in order to provide financial services that best suit our customers' needs through a variety of products with Islamic principles.

Service becomes one of the important elements in the development of the bank's business. Associated with it, BJS is committed to provide convenience to the people in the deal through network expansion, both the office network, sharia, and electronic channels such as ATM (Automatic Teller Machine, SMS Banking, Mobile Banking and EDC.

As a trusted financial institution Bank Jatim build character Sharia Human Resources (SDI) with the noble principles exemplified by the Prophet Muhammad who believe that human BJS, intelligent, trustworthy, honest, communicate well as well mannered. Private thus expected to have empathy, edifikasi, and results-oriented emphasis fully focused reports to customers. We call these characters with BJS FASTER (Fathonah, trustful, Sidiq, Tabligh, Empathy and Edifikasi, Result)