Pembiayaan Koperasi (PKOP & PKPA)

Financing which given to cooperatives and / or its members using Mudharabah contract.

  • Purpose :
    1. Strengthening the role of cooperatives in improving the welfare of its members and the society and also to develop national economic;
    2. Increasing the role of the Bank in the cooperatives financing distribution;
  • Requirements :
    1. The following Cooperative management is not included in the list of bank financing jammed or non-bank financial institutions;
    2. Has a legal entity;
    3. It has been carrying out the RAT for two (2) years;
    4. For the Koperasi Karyawan (KOPKAR) must be recommended /be  approved the submission of the financing by the director / head / commander of an organization / agency / school / department / unit where the cooperative are operated except for Koperasi Jasa Keuangan Syariah (KJKS / BMT / KSP);
    5. Got the written approval of the entire board or members or other provisions which is stipulated in the AD / ART / deed cooperative or the results of the annual meeting of members to apply;
    6. Applying for the financing, enclosing :
      1. Recent pas photo size (4 x 6) 2 pieces for all the management;
      2. A photocopy of  identity card (KTP / SIM / etc) of all management;
      3. Photocopy of the deed of incorporation following the 2 (two) latest amendment which legalized by official in charge;
      4. 2 latest photocopy of cooperative legal entities legalized official in charge;
      5. RAT photocopy of  the last 2 (two) years which legalized official in charge;
      6. Two copies of list of the management and supervisor which legalized official in charge;
      7. Photocopy of Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN);
      8. The list and the number of members or prospective members;
      9. If the cooperative already have SIUP / TDP / TDI, please copy and submitted to the Bank;
      10. Photocopy of certificates or proof of ownership of additional collateral;
      11. Photocopy of Identity Card Additional Collateral Owner;
      12. List of financing submission beginning nominative which signed by cooperative management, for cooperative who give financing for their members.

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