Linkage Program BPR PERBAMIDA & PERBARINDO member APEX and non APEX Bank Jatim Loan

  • Loan Target :
    BPR Perbamida and/or PBR Perbarindo both APEX and Non APEX member distributed to BPR customers (preferably micro and small entrepreneurs)
  • Interest Rate
    Interest rate is according with the applicable regulations
  • Time Period
    • Maximum 5 (five) years (Executing Pattern)
    • Maximum 3 (three) years (Channeling Pattern)
  • Loan Guarantee
    • Executing Scheme
      The debtor of Partner Bank (BPR) who is trained by BPR should provide Additional Guarantee in accordance with the provisions of SOP / BPP BPR at least 100% of plafond per debtor can be
      1. Immovable items
      2. Moving items
      3. Deposits, or blocked savings
      4. If there is a lack of collateral, the debtor has to provide at least 30% of the credit limit and drawbacks can be insured.
  • Loan Application Requirements
    • Executing Scheme
      1. BPR must be operational at least 3 (three) years which evidenced by operational license from the Ministry of Finance / Bank Indonesia / Financial Services Authority;
      2. The healthy level of BPR Perbarindo last recently year is “HEALTHY” according to the reported report to the Financial Services Authority. Special for BPR Perbamida, the healthy level of BPR last recently year is “HEALTHY ENOUGH” according to the reported report to the Financial Services Authority.
      3. Submit a Bank Indonesia’s monthly report last recently month
      4. Submit a business plan or work plan last recently year
      5. The change of to the business plan that has been approved by Bank Indonesia should be submitted to the Bank
      6. The Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) at least 12%
      7. Non Performing Loan (NPL) ratio is not more than 5%